What Are the Most Popular Motorsports in the World?

Auto racing is one of the most popular sports in the world. With a widespread fanbase that is often using ibet bonus Chile for fun, that travels from place A to place B to attend the races, it’s no wonder that these sports are almost on the same level as football, at least in terms of popularity. It’s also a huge business—the Formula One Championship alone generates over $2 billion annually from ticket sales and TV rights. But what cars are people driving? Where are they racing? And more importantly, how fast can they go?! Here’s a look at some of the most popular auto racing competitions around the world today:

Formula 1

The most popular motorsport in the world is Formula 1. F1 is a class of single-seater auto racing that features fast, high-tech cars and drivers who compete on closed circuits.

Formula 1 is considered one of the most expensive sports in the world, as it costs hundreds of millions of dollars to run a team. In addition to this, each driver’s salary can reach over $100 million per season! The largest companies around the world sponsor teams and drivers in order to promote their brands and products.


NASCAR is the most popular form of auto racing in the United States. It is a stock car racing series and, as you might guess from the name, it originated in North Carolina. NASCAR has been around since 1948 and today has more than 40 different races each season. The cars are all required to be made by specific manufacturers with certain specifications regarding size and shape, which means that they look very similar even though they can vary widely in speed. 

IndyCar Series

IndyCar Series is a type of open wheel car racing. It’s also called IndyCar or Indy.

The cars are designed to travel at high speeds and have few restrictions on their design, which allows for faster speeds than most other forms of racing. The cars are also allowed to race on any type of track including street circuits, temporary tracks, and oval tracks.

In addition to being one of the fastest forms of racing in the world today, one reason why many people enjoy watching IndyCar races is because they’re often held in big cities like New York City or Chicago where lots of people can easily attend them.


MotoGP is a motorcycle racing championship that is sanctioned by the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM).

MotoGP is the highest class of motorcycle road racing. The championship was founded by the FIM in 1949.

MotoGP is currently divided into three classes of single-seat race bikes: MotoGP, Moto2, and Moto3. These classes comprise races for prototype machines with two-stroke engines or four-stroke engines based on capacity per cylinder: 250cc, 125cc and 50cc respectively. The most prestigious class is MotoGP while Moto2 and 3 are considered its younger siblings due to their lower budgets and smaller teams compared to top-level racing teams running at Grand Prix level but they still provide great entertainment value nonetheless!


The popularity of racing can be attributed to its appeal and the adrenaline that is transferred through the screen to the viewers. Even though it may not sound appealing, it certainly makes up for it as soon as you lay your eyes on those fast-moving machines!


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