How to Start Watching F1?

Most people who don’t follow Formula 1 will tell you that it’s boring. They’ll say that it’s too technical, too expensive and that the cars are just too fast for them to enjoy. But those people are wrong! Formula 1 is one of the most exciting sports in the world, with a long history full of innovation and drama. If you want to start watching F1 but don’t know where to begin, do not despair; just sit back and relax, because this guide will help get you started!

What is F1?

Formula One is a motorsport that is held on closed circuits. The cars are single-seaters, and their bodywork has to be openable in order to allow the drivers to get in and out. They are powered by a hybrid engine—a combination of a turbocharged V6 engine (ICE) and an electric motor (MGU-K). The MGU-K recovers energy from both the MGU-H and the ICE and sends it back via an electrical generator to the battery, which adds extra power to help accelerate or brake.

The races last one hour plus one lap if needed. Drivers earn points based on where they finish at each race. Points are added up over the course of the year to determine who is awarded the championship title at year-end.

When to watch?

F1 is a year-round sport, with different seasons for different types of races. Today, the F1 calendar consists of 21 Grands Prix (or “World Championships”), one held in Asia, one in Europe and the others on various continents (Athens Greece, Australia, Bahrain Bahrain, Canada Montreal, China Shanghai). Each race has an individual Grand Prix title and track name; for example: The British Grand Prix at Silverstone Circuit is known as British GP. In addition to these 21 events there are also several other competitions such as the Macaus F3 street circuit (Macau F3) and the Monaco Rallye Monte Carlo (Monte Carlo Rallye) which do not count towards driver championship points but nevertheless attract considerable attention from fans around the world.

How many championships are there?

There are two championships in F1: The Drivers’ Championship and the Constructors’ Championship. The Drivers’ Championship is awarded to the driver who scores most points that season, while the Constructors’ Championship goes to the team that scores most points overall during a season.

While these may seem like different competitions at first glance, there’s an important connection between them: They’re both won by different teams! The team with the most drivers on its roster can win both championships if it has a great year.

A guide to help you understand how to start watching F1

F1 is a sport that’s exciting to watch. It has teams, drivers and championships. There are many rules that need to be followed in order for the races to run smoothly. You would think it would be easy enough to understand but there are so many different things going on that it can get overwhelming at first glance.


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